Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009

Is freedom of information killing democracy?

Due to the recent happenings in the world, I like to come up with that question: Will the freedom of information which the internet provides us destroy the given world order? Will it even get us to some sort of anarchy? 

Look at the situation in Iran: The governing body is trying a lot to censor the internet, to close down the connections to the world, but the internet is grown already way over their heads. And the people is organizing now to demonstrate against the rulers. I like to shout to them: "Good Luck, freedom of speech!"

Look at chinese try to block porn and stuff, which terribly went wrong. Again the net is too big, too many PCs all around too many ways to get online and get the news from all over the world. The installation of this blocking tool turned out to be a total PR disaster! The people of china is waking up too...

Even in the little stories you find a lot of anarchy: Check out the latest flahmob party at sylt. Organized by instance and a guy who just did a group on a social network and said: Lets party at sylt... The governing body, the burocracy, the police were overextended by that situation and it went out of hand.

Soo, where will this lead us? The governing bodies all over the world have underestimated the networking power of the internet so far. There wont be a lot of time, until we will see some kind of "united states of facebook" with the help of google... People want to be connected, they want to get their own information and they stand up to it! And the whole computer technology is now grown up! World, here we come and when we take over, this will be an all knowing happy place! Lets roll... (ok, those last two sentences are bit too much, but I just felt like ;) )

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