Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2007


Well, finally I made the 100th blog entry, but in the last weeks I dropped in posting speed. One reason to that is I am working a lot on esport-racing and our other projects. Not many time anymore to do something else. So far I can tell: We are behind our schedule in terms of looking nice page, but we are somewhat in the schedule for a runing page, including good backend features etc. We'll see how it starts... Keep your fingers crossed. ;)
Now I celebrate my 100. blogpost a bit and get back to some content updates.

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

Progress and more

OK, back to my project, which is coming along not perfect, but it's moving. First the answer to some question: Yes there will be a spanish version as soon as possible. We just want to have some things sorted out, before we put on the translation pack. The rest of the page is growing, I'm taking care of a lot of content, while the coders take care of all those needed little features. After commentable news will be finished, there'll be the hard work coming, with getting the league page including the navigation all together. That's the biggest and most important part of the whole project. But I have to say, I'm really really happy about the stuff we already did, and on what people work right now to get it going. In the end it will be a nice league system, which is able to grow even more - I hope. No, I know! Good night ;)

Sara :(

OK, first something really not racing related: Now that heroes and Prison Break are running again, I just have to say 2 things:
1.: Nice to have Sylar back
2.: Sad, that Saras actrice didnt want to play in season 3 anymore :(
But damn, both series started good again, and there's the third fun giving TV thingie too: Top Gear is back, and wow, I just love that humour!

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007

Website progress

OK, while there isn't much to tell on the testing of LFS atm, I gonna tell you a bit about the progression of the website. We launched the german part already on 3rd of october -  well about 7 hours too late, but still - and from that point on we were working hard on bugfixes and updates. Most important update for now is the addition of the english part of the page. News are translated, forum almost works on english (except the buttons, but I'll work on that today), registration works too etc. Looks all good so far, needs some more testing and settig up though. Stay tuned ;)

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2007

working almost 24 hours....

I knew, it would be hard, but I never expected it tobe so much work. 24 hours of work now in a row... almost. I'm dead tired, trying to inspire my best helping hand with the code, so we can finally bring this baby up. Bigest problem was basically the small time we had in the last weeks, to actually work on that project, as there are still other projects with a definitely higher priority. Well, some little stuff left, I hope, you see something prety soon.