Samstag, 30. Juni 2007

MoE and some little other stuff

The probably best league there is in LFS starts with their pre-season preparations. So go check out their forum and participate in the polls. Besides that my old team will start their website on sunday or monday. So check out then ;)

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2007

BLOXORZ and...

A nice game for in between! Enjoy 33 levels of blocking:


And dont forget the dramatic chipmunk!

Montag, 25. Juni 2007


...And it seems, like everyone fell into a deep slumber. What's up people? Are you with your minds already in holidays? Do you really need that break so much?
OK, I let you alone with your summerdreams and want to put you to some little things that happened last week, and how they will turn out for the future.

The biggest eSport league in Europe kicked their racing game out of their prestigueous Pro Series. And put in another version of CounterStrike. Whil I do understand the financial reasons, I do think it's a shortminded decision. On the other hand, no one in the ESL really ever took care for racing and the oportunities. About time, that this might change. Therefor it's also a mistake of the RacingCommunity itself to not use the ESL for their own purpose, push it etc. Or: How would you sell something that you simply dont know and dont understand?

So I sat back down on my arse and put some stuff together already and gonna go pushing again. Seems like a lot of the rest of the guys are lazy bastards and just happy with what they have here ;) "naabs", Rudi would say

Montag, 18. Juni 2007

The EPS finals, or...

... camping is not made for me. My back still hurts, I almost fell asleep on my way back home (here is a big THANK YOU to the developer of 3D rumble strips on the autobahn) but I still had a lot of fun. So what's all that fuzz about those german EPS championship finals two times a year? Well, by now it turned to a nice community meeting with guys who know each other for about 4 years by now (some at least). It's a tradition now. So all the guys meet up there, race their races and in the evening there's a nice barbeque with football and beer at the camping site. A lot of beer actually :P

But back to the start:
The start of the EPS X finals weekend needed to be a record. And I was actually forced to deliver one. Due to the fact, that I couldnt leave home earlier than 8.30 am and I had to be at the location 190kms away in cologne at 10.00 am, I put the pedal to the metal. Leaving the gas station here at 8.35 and arriving at the parking lot in cologne at 9.45... So one hour 10 minutes for 190 kms. PB :)

From the point of my arrival at the location, I was in constant action. First organizing skins etc. for the drivers, checking beamer being ready in the big room, also got a microphone working. Then commentating the two first races with nils and danny dominating the grid. Best start you could think of for our drivers. Then I entered the results also on our SK page and went to talk with one of the giga guys. After that we went for some lunch (I was starving by that time), and then nils and danny went to the SK office to practice for sunday. While the rest of the grid went karting. Well, we missed that fun, but for danny this was probably the important point towards ensuring his second place. And without my advice their laptimes would have sucked anyway in FZR (weight to 100% anyone?) ;)

Finally we went towards the camping site, made a short stop for beer, coal and steaks, and the nice part of the evening could start. I just cant recall every little detail, but Arne rocks, Wolle is better again, fetzo got the best online racing stories and Ingos humour is unbeatable, while Dennis belly tries to catch up to Ingos ;) Theo is a fun guy too, wearing a shirt with his nick on it (well, who isnt those days anyway? ). I could sleep in a tent from nils, that was OhKey, but sleeping on the hard floor is just nothing for an old man like me...

Sunday morning we headed again to the finals place - which was great btw - for the last two races of this season. And as expected nils dominated again, while Danny really had to fight a lot for his second place, especially after Hendrik got him in the last lap of the first race. The whole giga crew seemed to had a bad evening on saturday too, as they all turned up almost an hour too late, which unfortunately lead us to the problem of not having a beamer to show the first race. Well, in the end, at least the final fights in the race could been watched via the beamer and a bigger crowd was there this time too. They seemed to like the show, we did the winner ceremony too and then I again had to enter the results by hand, cause the webside had some hickup. That took quite a lot of time and after some last, nice talk with Sven I head to the Pizza Hut for a last lunch with danny, jay, nils and his sidekick hady. Then, finally, I could head back home towards my family. I threw in some ??? into my MP3 player, phoned some, and hoped to stay awake... the rest is history ;)

Thx. everyone, was a great weekend!

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

Community power and an unbeatable argument

Tonight there is the last race of a quite big amateur series in germanys LFS scene. And someone far away from home needs to drive in this last race, to be able to reach the - on top of this Amateur series settled - Pro Series. So what did he do? He made a "contact-post" in a forum, asked for a place to race tonight, close to the place he is atm. And guess what: It worked out. He'll be racing tonight, fighting for the last points at someones place he only knows from online racing. Now that's community power! Another nice argument PRO socialisation of online gaming ;)

But I have some other strong argument here. Just check this MOVIE. If you have anything to debate after viewing this, except to spread the word, you have understood nothing!

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

Finals are up on the horizon

What finals, you might ask. Well, it's almost a tradition by now, two times a year the german LFS community meets up in Cologne for the ESL Pro Series Finals, where on a LIVE event the winner of the actual LFS EPS will be determined. The weekend promises a lot of party and a lot of fun again! I'm really looking forward to it. So, come to Cologne, and meet a lot of LFS nerds and have a lot of fun with us!

Samstag, 9. Juni 2007


LFS Patch X is finally out, get it here:

Freitag, 8. Juni 2007

Politics... wtf?

You thought, I'm going politics? Haha, no. I just heard that US of A president Bush doesnt participate today at the G8 meeting, due to feeling sick. So who of the other presidents made him drunk yesterday? With german beer and russian vodka maybe? :D

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

To all those Simmers out there

If you ever wanted to enjoy the way the developers of LFS really work on their sim, I encourage you to visit the test-servers and the Testpatch-section of the LFS Forum frequently those days. The amount of testpatches, bugfixes, improvements and the speed of coding should give you a good idea, how they usually develop LFS.

So this is a rare occasion, where the normal user really could get an idea of the development. This is more than pure betatesting atm.

And besides that you can enjoy packed servers with up to 32 cars on the track. I accidently stayed there yesterday for about 2 hours.... Last time I raced that long was some LFS GT race last year ;) The typically n00bs, plus some wreckers (did anyone say dmwright?) and some of the oldschoolers. col, devil to name just a few.

Montag, 4. Juni 2007

Public again

Yesterday evening I've been racing on a public server online for the first time in the last six months more than just one test race. And I have to say: That was a lot of fun, especially cause of the packed server and the 25+ people in a race. Nice fights everywhere.

btw., grats theo.

Freitag, 1. Juni 2007

New Dream Theater Album - Systematic Chaos

OK, I received my order from LFS-Shop today, but also my Special Edition of Systematic Chaos from Dream Theater. It seems like this is my most-post-on-a-day day.

About the album: It sounds great and the songs are somehow Octavarium with some backflashes to Images and Words which makes this one a true DT work. The special edition comes with an additional DVD with the whole album mixed in 5.1. And this is an experience, I wouldnt miss (well, my neighbours might...) Damn, you're just IN the music!.

Best LFS vid ever?

Get the hires version HERE!

My sons special ability #1

Sleeping where it's impossible. Ever wondered if your kids have special abilities?

Oh btw. New Heroes comic is out, check NBC page.