Montag, 25. Juni 2007


...And it seems, like everyone fell into a deep slumber. What's up people? Are you with your minds already in holidays? Do you really need that break so much?
OK, I let you alone with your summerdreams and want to put you to some little things that happened last week, and how they will turn out for the future.

The biggest eSport league in Europe kicked their racing game out of their prestigueous Pro Series. And put in another version of CounterStrike. Whil I do understand the financial reasons, I do think it's a shortminded decision. On the other hand, no one in the ESL really ever took care for racing and the oportunities. About time, that this might change. Therefor it's also a mistake of the RacingCommunity itself to not use the ESL for their own purpose, push it etc. Or: How would you sell something that you simply dont know and dont understand?

So I sat back down on my arse and put some stuff together already and gonna go pushing again. Seems like a lot of the rest of the guys are lazy bastards and just happy with what they have here ;) "naabs", Rudi would say

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