Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007

coffee cam

A "not so unknown" finnish racer and virtual racer did that in his office, so he sees if there is coffee left or not. I should do that for my kitchen too...

Dienstag, 29. Mai 2007

Just in case...

... I'll forget when Heroes season 2 starts, I added this nice widget ;)

Montag, 28. Mai 2007

24 hours - the aftermath

I thought a long time, if I shall post all my anger here or not.... Well, first I raged about the Orgas, then I gratulated them for some straight line they finally tried to put through, and in the end it seems a bit... Well, the provisional results wont be the final one.

The Race marshalls been definitely too much under pressure and there wasnt the possibility to post protests in the race - what should have been possible. MoE Organisation shows, how a 24h Race should be done and organized. Enough marshalls, replays being saved in the race, and looked at by the backup marshalls during the race and then penalties are given. But here the marshalls gave penalties online, most of the time without even letting other marshalls have a look at the replay. And therefor a lot of the penalties sounded strange some times. e.g.: You get a penalty for a small touch, maybe even a little linemistake by the other and then some hours later your car got shot clearly and nothing happens. So I expect a lot of protests coming now, and there will be a lot of penalizing afterwards. I also wonder if the FXRs will get penalties for clear of-track driving and gaining time, compared to going slower through turns and staying on the track. The two other RWD cars in the big GTR clas definitely have a disadvantage there, cause their cars get really unstable on the grass.

Anyway, all in all it was - again - a crazy big event, amateurlike but fun-giving. Everybody should have enjoyed it, a good example you can find HERE.

Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

bwit goes web 2.0

YEAH, my favourite local curry-sausage dealer has just opened his Forum and his Shop. Now you can get the hot stuff online too! And no, I'm not taking part in the chili-contest, I am not suicidal ;)

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007

I have to excuse myself... a bit

Well, the organisation of the 24h Race got almost all their problems solved, they practice some starting procedures atm, rules got updated and put towards actual developped tracker systems etc. Finally they are going the right direction.

And do you know, why this I happens? I think there's one or max. two persons who took over the leader role in the organisation and now put this through. Good stuff, guys. Now keep that event coming, it'll be a hot weekend!

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2007

heroes wtf?

OhKey.... what the hell? Have you seen the last episode of Heroes season 1? Sorry, Volume 1 I have to say... I dont know... I have seen a lot of series, but that cliffhanger is evil. As usual, I wont spoil anything here, but I have to say: Great ending, Hiro's the Hero, and some others too. Good Shit!

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2007

How to become a joke

in some racing community:

First you organize some great 24h hour races in the last years, then you stop progressing, take the same rules - but dont put them readable online easily - start some advertising for this years 24h race and dont even have a site ready, get about 100 teams to sign up. Then you have the luck, to increase the number of cars/server a lot and you have to change the rules. But what do you do then?

Start discussing and dont decide fast. Very "good" decision, to do that.

You do the Qualifying then, and allow cutting, which is basically bugusing. And people start discussing about that again, no clear and open decision is taken by the admins again.

And finally, you pull the biggest trick for the jokes: While the balancing issues appear, you again do a late and not clear decision, so people start discussing again. And because they discuss, you get angry, and there you have your joke. While about 300 racers wait for a cool event, they get a nice soap-opera to laugh at. Including drivers from the original team pulling off from LFS due to the "community behaviour"

What the hell did you expect after such a movie-like story? Why on earth is there no real "chief-admin" taking the organisation and putting some clear figures and decisions? Why dont you get yourself into the right direction? Do you want to stay the joke of LFS-24h-racing orgas? I dont get it. Up to now the racer who quitted the team and LFS (he was just seen online on a server) keeps on writing envious bullshit and therefor putting a smile on a lot of peoples faces.

To say it Simpson-like: "HA HA"

Samstag, 19. Mai 2007

StarCraft 2

Years ago I got my first online gaming experiences with StarCraft1. We had a zillion great LAN battles and it's still one of the best RTS games you can think of. And NOW:

StarCraft 2

Nothing more to say

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2007


Wanna know best cliffhanger ever (imho)? Watch Heroes season 1 ending.... O M G

Update: Ooops, one more to go, so next week we'll see, "How to stop an exploding man"

Some new stuff

Finally got my links-tab started. It will grow by time, but for now I start with two of my buddies blogs, jawel, who partially blogs in french and cypher, who's blogging in german. So get your languages ready ;)
Besides that I link to my team SK and to my more or less not so actual youtube vids. Have fun.


Some hours, then I see it! Who's gonna Nuke now? Peter, Sylar or even the Nukeman? Or even nobody? Cant wait....

Montag, 14. Mai 2007

F1 and Heroes

My new Hero in this F1 season is Hamilton. Man, he showed Alonso how to do it. relaxed driving, good strategy and now he leads the championship! That's the way to go. And now eyebrow has the heaviest pressure he can dream of. His own team-partner! He must feel like Kimi now. Well, on the other hand, I think Kimi feels better. He has the speed and the knowledge, that he can beat Massa easily. I guess his strategy was better and he would have gotten Massa @ 2nd pitstop, while taking Hamilton @ 1st one.

And why Heroes now? Well, tonight is the first seasons final, and I simply cant wait to see it tomorrow! Who's gonna nuke?

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2007

international Racing mayhem

While we started the ESCC2 already 6 weeks ago, we had the first One Grid Race yesterday with the W17 testpatch in LFS. 27 cars on the track, almost all fast guys to see and a lot of hot battles and good racing. Some crashes too, but that's due to some lack of experience with such a fast grid all in all. You can check the replays here: ESCC Race 4

We also look forward to show the final two races via LIVE stream on the web ;) We are in talks about that atm.

Other point: You read about montoya crashing again? It's kind of funny how NASCAR gets "newstime" due to him here in Europe, while he definitely sux big time. On the other hand, that's always been the interesting part about NASCAR, the crashes. ;) I'm still and always bored about oval racing, cant help it.

Montag, 7. Mai 2007

old, olt and new stuff

Yesterday there've been a TV Show in serbia looking into LFS, and the OLT-Pro Racing server was packed for that event. People enjoyed the tight racing with more than 27 cars or so on it. Every other day I can only encourage you, to get there too and enjoy LFS at its best.

Today, I just got the confirmation, that I get my fast machine back on thrusday. That's good new news for my old stuff ;)

And if you wanna check something new, get ready this week for patch X... or maybe weekend... or next week ;) LFS is rolling again :)

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2007


Well guys, I wanted to write something more, something longer, but due to a wrecked soundchip in my CELSIUS H230 I had to put her into warranty/repair. So atm I'm on a backup laptop with a 800 MHz Duron and 256 MB of Ram... I hope, I get my "baby" back quite soon.