Sonntag, 20. Mai 2007

How to become a joke

in some racing community:

First you organize some great 24h hour races in the last years, then you stop progressing, take the same rules - but dont put them readable online easily - start some advertising for this years 24h race and dont even have a site ready, get about 100 teams to sign up. Then you have the luck, to increase the number of cars/server a lot and you have to change the rules. But what do you do then?

Start discussing and dont decide fast. Very "good" decision, to do that.

You do the Qualifying then, and allow cutting, which is basically bugusing. And people start discussing about that again, no clear and open decision is taken by the admins again.

And finally, you pull the biggest trick for the jokes: While the balancing issues appear, you again do a late and not clear decision, so people start discussing again. And because they discuss, you get angry, and there you have your joke. While about 300 racers wait for a cool event, they get a nice soap-opera to laugh at. Including drivers from the original team pulling off from LFS due to the "community behaviour"

What the hell did you expect after such a movie-like story? Why on earth is there no real "chief-admin" taking the organisation and putting some clear figures and decisions? Why dont you get yourself into the right direction? Do you want to stay the joke of LFS-24h-racing orgas? I dont get it. Up to now the racer who quitted the team and LFS (he was just seen online on a server) keeps on writing envious bullshit and therefor putting a smile on a lot of peoples faces.

To say it Simpson-like: "HA HA"

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