Freitag, 15. Mai 2009


... in your life and in your virtual life are always strange. Last week basically my whole worklife changed, without me changing my office. On the other hand, the new challenges I see now right before me, are really really great to attack. Out of (almost) nowhere comes a change to your life, you accept it, take the challenge and dive in.

This sort of behaviour kind of reminds me of an old mogul slope in some winter holidays back in my school days. Presented to me as a terrible, unsolvable challenge by my ski-teacher, I jumped into it with the words "No Risk, No Fun!".... I crashed, I failed, I fell a lot of times. But in the end, I succeeded, I wrestled the slope down, I was the king of the hill ;)

Definitely from that moment on, I use to say "no risk, no fun" to almost every problem, every challenge in my way. And that is actually the way to go: Take the risks, and you will succeed in the end. I will take this new challenges now, will work through very cool projects, do new webstuff and in the end... In the end I will succeed.

Hmm, maybe I have to change something on the blog here too. Will see.

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009


3DRealms is bankrupt and the Duke is dead. He did not finish... That is the saddest news of this week. I remember hours and hours in our first LAN sessions flying around, shrinking enemies, freezing them and having a hell lot of fun.