Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2007

international Racing mayhem

While we started the ESCC2 already 6 weeks ago, we had the first One Grid Race yesterday with the W17 testpatch in LFS. 27 cars on the track, almost all fast guys to see and a lot of hot battles and good racing. Some crashes too, but that's due to some lack of experience with such a fast grid all in all. You can check the replays here: ESCC Race 4

We also look forward to show the final two races via LIVE stream on the web ;) We are in talks about that atm.

Other point: You read about montoya crashing again? It's kind of funny how NASCAR gets "newstime" due to him here in Europe, while he definitely sux big time. On the other hand, that's always been the interesting part about NASCAR, the crashes. ;) I'm still and always bored about oval racing, cant help it.

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