Montag, 28. Mai 2007

24 hours - the aftermath

I thought a long time, if I shall post all my anger here or not.... Well, first I raged about the Orgas, then I gratulated them for some straight line they finally tried to put through, and in the end it seems a bit... Well, the provisional results wont be the final one.

The Race marshalls been definitely too much under pressure and there wasnt the possibility to post protests in the race - what should have been possible. MoE Organisation shows, how a 24h Race should be done and organized. Enough marshalls, replays being saved in the race, and looked at by the backup marshalls during the race and then penalties are given. But here the marshalls gave penalties online, most of the time without even letting other marshalls have a look at the replay. And therefor a lot of the penalties sounded strange some times. e.g.: You get a penalty for a small touch, maybe even a little linemistake by the other and then some hours later your car got shot clearly and nothing happens. So I expect a lot of protests coming now, and there will be a lot of penalizing afterwards. I also wonder if the FXRs will get penalties for clear of-track driving and gaining time, compared to going slower through turns and staying on the track. The two other RWD cars in the big GTR clas definitely have a disadvantage there, cause their cars get really unstable on the grass.

Anyway, all in all it was - again - a crazy big event, amateurlike but fun-giving. Everybody should have enjoyed it, a good example you can find HERE.

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