Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

To all those Simmers out there

If you ever wanted to enjoy the way the developers of LFS really work on their sim, I encourage you to visit the test-servers and the Testpatch-section of the LFS Forum frequently those days. The amount of testpatches, bugfixes, improvements and the speed of coding should give you a good idea, how they usually develop LFS.

So this is a rare occasion, where the normal user really could get an idea of the development. This is more than pure betatesting atm.

And besides that you can enjoy packed servers with up to 32 cars on the track. I accidently stayed there yesterday for about 2 hours.... Last time I raced that long was some LFS GT race last year ;) The typically n00bs, plus some wreckers (did anyone say dmwright?) and some of the oldschoolers. col, devil to name just a few.

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