Dienstag, 11. September 2007

OK, here comes the next stuff from IAA

Well, I had a nice looong day with at the IAA'07 today. Started with a pretty dumb press conference at BMW. What the hell, releasing X6 and at the same time they talk about reducing CO² etc. That just doesnt fit. On the other hand, I do like the new 1 coupe. Looks so oldschool. Then I headed to the other halls and got a lot to see. Sat in a lot of cars and played some little simulators. I also did a testdrive in some boring Audi Diesel to learn how to save fuel by changing driving style. Well, that's about all. Most impressive actually were the Loremo, the Aston and the Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa, Fiat hall. It was so fucking crowded, that I wonder how this should work out, when it's open to public...
Anyway, here are the pics, enjoy!

IAA 07

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ZerFEr hat gesagt…

Now it's for sure: Impreza is dead... Subaru made him die!

Unknown hat gesagt…

I know now why IAA is sooooo interesting .... see that :
IAA show
It's not all about cars ... ;-))