Freitag, 14. September 2007

First race after a loooong time

Yesterday evening I had the first league race after a looooong time. And what shall I say? Oh My God, how could I stop leagueracing for soooo long? I mean, there was everything in it! Might have been the slowest grid in the league, but damn it was fun:
OK, qulifying went OhKey, but then I had a really bad start, havent raced for a long time, i had to get used again to the attacks in the first 2 laps. And then someone threw a tire at me in the chicane. I flipped and crashed my suspension, so I had to head for the pits. 1 minute down to the leaders I now could find my rythm into the race and started hunting the other drivers. That already was a lot of fun, until lap 17 of 20...
Due to the fact, I got to my PC 1 minute before the start of the Qualifying, I forgot to reset my connection and I had my 24h DSL disconnect... shit.

OK, up to the second race, starting place 18. And now I was in the rythm already and made my way up the grid. I hunted them down, one by one, had a fastest lap in the race once (third fastest overall) and could finish in P6 at the end. My race experience helped me a lot, as I could trick a lot of the youngguns into easy mistakes and take their places. Blocking is an art, overtakin too ;) Wow, I really had a lot of fun! Up to the next race next week!

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