Mittwoch, 18. April 2007

On the road ....

So I was on the road again and will be tomorrow. Today's a good day then to talk about it ;) My visit at the GIGA 2 studios was a lot of fun and we saw a really entertaining race too. My personal highlight but also somehow disapointing was reaching absolut TopSpeed of my Lancia Kappa. That sounds good at first, but when it's limited due to your rev-limiter, it's a bit annoying ;) So there is this one part on the Autobahn A3 from Frankfurt to Köln (Cologne), where it goes downhill for about 2 kms without speedlimit. The traffic allowed it to go with 200+ so I put the pedal to the metal and at about 235 km/h my car ran into the rev-limiter... Damnit.

What's the reason for this? Well Lancia delivered the Kappa with two different Gearsetups called "Power-Drive" and "Comfort-Drive". Now you can imagine, which one I have. Gonna have to find the ratio of my fifth gear, to calc a bit then ;)

So where am I going tomorrow then? Well, I'll head down to munich with Danny, to watch the IRT finals, meet Nick Heidfeld and Vettel and also Mario Theissen. And yes, we're going with my car and gonna have a nice drive down to munich. I keep you updated on how the race went and all that.

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