Freitag, 20. April 2007

M6 anyone?

There it is! It's decided and Danny "Husky" Engels from my team won that gorgeous BMW M6. WOW. What an event, what a race, what a party. First go check some of the pics in my picasa album:

IRT Finale
Well, now what can I tell about this great event? First of all we had a lot of strange happenings on our way to get there: Danny almost missed the train, Nils almost crashed in a plane and the second had another hour dealy, which added up to 3 hours delay on his arrival and I ran once more into the rev-limiter... Damn nice A9 Autobahn there.
We finally made it to the event in the "Lenbach" in Munich and the place was already packed with a lot of VIPs and stuff. And then, during the race, I had the coolest fifteen minutes, I could imagine. I saw Nick Heidfeld watching the race and so I approached him and started talking. And after one or two typical answers he got relaxed, realized that there were some guys here, knowing what racing means in terms of passion and we had a pretty cool conversation. We talked about his fabulous maneuvre vs. Alonso and he damn loved it. Some short quotes:

"How did you feel in the car, overtaking him there, outside?"
*with a huge smile* "I wanted to put my arms high up in the air, but next turn was already coming ;) "

"You sure know, that there was like no room between alos and your car?"
"hehe, yeah, from inside all looked under control and easy, but then I saw it on TV and gotta admit, that was damn close. Quite cool, eh?"

And we continued this way, watching and enjoying the tense of the race.

Nick: "Oh, he nearly shot him... damn, that was close... oh, now he spun, but that's not a guy from your team, no?" - "nope" - "well, then ok ;) "

Well, after Danny prolly had the best hour of his life, being driven by Nick in his own M6, we started partying and continued this up to the end of it, late in the night at around 3am. Damn, what a great event!

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