Samstag, 3. Februar 2007

"Die Deutsche Post"

... that's how our german main mail service is called. The last two weeks I had my special experiences with the german post. But lets start from beginning:
I ordered a nice Hat over at the LFScentral shop (Check the geekx blog for more ;) ) beginning of january. Or even last year, dont really remember it. Anyway, on january 17 the german mail didnt meet me at home when delivering the parcel and just threw a reminder into my mailbox that I could catch it up the next day in the local mail-office. That was exactly what I did... but the mail didnt o what I expected. It was not there. The guy in charge had no clue at all and sent a FAX with my phone numbers and details to the central mail office... OK, long story short: After several visits @ several local mail offices, an evil phonecall to customer support, including a lawsuit threat, I received a standard letter:
Sorry Mr, we cant find your parcel. If you want it to be traced back, the sender will have to do a detailed search request. Yeeeaah, sure, Cafepress from California will take care and do a detailed request for a little hat, MY ASS!
Well, last thing I could do was to contact cafepress support and tell them my story, here's the answer (1 hour after I contacted them ;)):
"Dear Joachim,
Thank you for contacting!
I am sorry to hear that you did not receive your order. I have issued a replacement order at no cost to you. However, you should receive your order by February 26th.
If the original order does arrive there is no need to return it. Please go ahead and keep it as our way of apologizing for the delay.
If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know
CafePress 1 : 0 Die Post

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Theo Laas hat gesagt…

Did u order the "NFSU? STFU!" hat Jo?

greetz ZWR|T.Laas