Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

1000 bucks, for what?

Well, there is this Online Racing league, using only open wheelers, if possible some Formula One cars. Well, here's the first problem: There is no official Formula 1 Sim for the PC, except the two BMW F1.06 for LFS and rfactor. Besides that, you will need to have a licensed team - or get hired by a team with a license - to drive in that league. Sounds all fine and cool, but:

To get that license, you will have to pay the small amount of about 1000,- € . Yes, Euros. Honestly, there are so many good and great leagues, that even offer more content, more news-features, more price money for none-2-small starting fees. I still dont get it, why teams pay 1000,- bucks for... almost nothing. Anyway, good luck to all sim racers, cause the new seasons all over the world are about to start soon ;)

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