Mittwoch, 15. August 2007

Skinners go pro?

While Team Inferno, home of the famous setupfield for LFS, is looking for a new skin the competition way, it gets clearer and clearer: Car skinning - not only in LFS - becomes more and more professional. Why is that?
The reasons are a bit the same, as there are more and more sponsors and kind of semi-professional teams in Sim Racing and eSports itself. People want the best they can get, and the skill of a bunch of graphic enthusiasts reached a level, which is definitely payworthy. There are still guys that know their stuff really great, and do it for the fun. But: The big teams want good quality skins, while they themselves concentrate more on the core of Racing and maybe keeping a website up. So they are open to offer good skinners some reward. It starts with small amounts of money or a T-Shirt or some hardware stuff. But that's only the beginning.
So, Skinnerz out there: Keep up your great work!

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