Freitag, 6. Juli 2007

More pro than t-com...

Not a day without some funny stories about the biggest german ISP and phone thingy, the t-com:
This morning @ about 10 o'clock my router started flashing its status light. That's usually a sign for something being not OK. And I saw, that my phone line was dead already, while DSL did work still. But not more than 5 minutes and also DSL was dead. I knew, that due to some new neighbours there were already some problems with the phonelines, so I opened the door of our apartement, and listened... Voices downstairs, prolly lowest floor or cellar. I grabbed my trousers and shoes and started sprinting the 5 floors down. The Mr T-Com was already in his car and about to leave, when I caught him. He said "No, I didnt touch anything there, just measured some".
Well, after putting his test thingie on in our apartement (5 floors up for him :) ) and testing it back down in the cellar (6 floors down :P ) he found a broken-loose wire. "Ooops, that must have been me then..." Any more questions?
Well, he had to get up to our fifth floor again to get his equipment. At least something that he will remember :P
I just dont want even imagine, what would have happened if I would have been too slow and missed him...

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