Donnerstag, 26. April 2007


Well, besides all my other hobby stuff I am also Admin of the ESCC and am very very happy to see the toughest and fastest races so far ever in LFS. The Grid is prolly the best there ever was, all the fast names are in it and every race is tight and density is extraordinary. Well, that hits for Grid 1... Unfortunately - and for me not even understandable - Grid 2 lacks the continuity of the people to join and race. That's a shame. Now the excuses why people quit this league are even funnier... if it wouldnt be so sad.

"One league is enough"

"Yeah, EAS is too much for me"

blahblahblah... This behaviour is totally unfair towards the other drivers, and puts a bad light on YOU quitters, as it puts on your team. I for myself started a list and this list will be taken into account if you quitters wanna join any other league in ESL in the future. Maybe those guys arent lazy, but definitely they didnt thought this whole thing through, and that's a shame. I'm tired of this behaviour. So here goes: The list of guys who are just too lazy (imo):
I gonna update this list, if needed. I'm just bored of this behaviour.

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PD hat gesagt…

there were only 4 additional people in the qualification anyway, right?