Dienstag, 6. März 2007

Ouch again

I just come back from the toilet, and I paid my dues for the hot curry-sausage from yesterday (again). Why on earth does this hot thing taste so damn good, that I do the same mistake over and over again? If you ever visit Frankfurt, you gotta go to Best worscht in town and enjoy the best curry sausage you can get.

Some other hot sausage: Today new videos and pics of the Maserati GranTurismo ("It's not a game, It's real!") got released. Head over to www.granturismoisback.com and check it out, it's well worth it. I will get back to a very very promising TV-cam tool for LFS, made by Soeren and actually in beta-testing...

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Julien M. hat gesagt…

last time I went there with you, i took the C curry sauce (from A : little spicy to E : the gun powder) I still remember my mistake !! Tschusss ;-))