Montag, 19. März 2007

Hello SK!

So, now there you have it. I am very happy that we made this step and went to SK. It offers so much possibilities for us and virtual online racing in every aspect. But besides that, we got the oportunity to have a showrace vs. Timo Glock, who is 2005 rokie of the year of the champcar series, did a great performance in 2006 GP2 series and is now Testdriver for BMW F1 team, while also competing in this years GP2 series again.

He's a great guy, loved racing on "our" virtual tracks and we enjoyed that a lot. We got the feeling, he liked more talking with us than with his PR-pussycat. To put it that way: There was petrol-talk all over and he did very well in LFS, cause as he said: It comes really really close to the real thing.

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