Montag, 12. Februar 2007

pseudo |-|4XX0R

What happens, when a poor and lonely not-that-young-anymore french mind loves a game and thinks he himself is some kind of Hitler of hacking? Well, he hacks the forum of his beloved game, posing, showing off and posting "It was just for fun". But, to bring that to a clearer point:
That wasnt actually a hack, it was more like executing some files to use a documented hole in the forums-code. That actually doesnt need any special hacking skills but more some criminal and sick motivations. Shame on the devs here, that the hole wasnt closed b4, but lean back a moment and laugh a bit on the oh-so-big phlos from france, who's JaHK (Just another Hacker Kid).

Check THAT for more reading on it.

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