Montag, 26. Februar 2007

Oh what a day...

You might think, I gone nuts now, or what. But today it was a good day. First of all: Happy Birthday to my mate OPK who is engaged for a while now and is coming along well in his life. All the best, buddy.

Then, germany won the oscar for best foreign language film with a pure, strong, good movie about the "Stasi" in the GDR in 1985. Go get the DVD or see it in cinema, it's worth it!

And besides that, The Stig made the best move ever, but I wont spoil anything here, get the newest episode of Top Gear for that ;) Finalgear is the keyword.

And last but not least, I'm feeling kind of OK again after having the worst diarrhoe ever (that's what's happening to you, when you're married with children ;) ). Oh, and besides that I just had some great stuff got done today, and that feels just good :)

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