Montag, 19. Februar 2007

krani rules!

soooo, now we are the ocrana racing team for about 3 years, ocrana itself just became 10 years old and therefor it's time for a really special vid. We made the music, we did the stunts, we won the championships and krani did the video! ;) check it out here:

HQ, 73MB

Because of all the questions, some infos on the vid, the sound and its history:
  1. Yes we have that many members in the racing team, although some of us are a bit more inactive than others.
  2. OCRANA itself is a fantasy word, made by the founders of this very nice team.
  3. The song is called "Just OCRANA", done by Ingo Spyra and Christian Schneider, bass-player and drummer of Echo Appartment. Songtext and wav-file we'll provide later. It was done in purpose for the video.
  4. OCRANA became ten years old november '06, the racing team is in OCRANA since january 2004, it exists since April '03
  5. Yes, I founded that racing team, not OCRANA ;)
Hope that helped a bit ;)

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