Sonntag, 28. Januar 2007


 Usually sundays were cool some months - even years - ago in terms of Racing and LFS. Last practice sessions needed to be done for the Pro Series Race on Monday. But at the moment we have the winterbreak, no season is running and I stopped racing at that high level for quite a while now. So now my sundays are full of personal study stuff, family and a lot of preparation for the upcoming seasons. Yeah, I'm checking stuff too, even if I'm not racing. I will do the penalty stuff for the EAS participants again this year, and besides that our team needs to have some little push for 2007 ;) As usual with games that stay on the market for a looong time.

Oh, about games: Just heard that rFactor wouldnt be supported for free anymore after this last patch 1.250. Understandable, but still a shame. I think that the Racing Sim market isnt fully fed at all by rf and LFS. The minimum goal for evey sim should be, to reach GPL selling numbers and those were in about 600k. Well, we'll see how ISI will try to get some more money out of the crowd with the same old aproach to physics in future releases - although there are some quite cool mods of rF.

Well that's all for now, still learning that blogging stuff, and I think, I'll be able to put some podcast on this week.


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