Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

Force em or not?

Soooo, finally it is there, but what the hell?
The developers introduced a sim-typical Option to force people on servers to use the cockpit view. Nothing special so far, cause this option is implemented in a lot of sims and used from leagues to even the field and disable advantages you get from driving on the roof or lying between the wheels. So far nothing interesting, but now the people start going nuts. Why you ask? Well, I dont know. They feel guilty of being arcade maybe? Every moan about the field of view os sooo small with cp is just ridiculous. In reality you dont fly behind the car, dont sit in the middle on the hood/roof and dont lie between the wheels with an invisible chassis. All those views give an advantage to the cockpitview. And for leagues it is just a matter of fairness, to implement this FCV option, so everyone is on an even level.
Oh, about those moaners, who whine how difficult the change is etc.: STFU, I did the same 2 years ago and it didnt slow me down a lot, I got used to it really really fast, after about 2 days I was used to it. I cant even drive anymore with the wheels view I used back then....
So: BE MAN ENOUGH! Go use cockpit! ;)

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Sebastian 'ZerFEr' Schmitt hat gesagt…

Force them force them force them!

Get the Flying behind the Car Option out of LFS... or only for spectator (Broadcasting)

How do you drive a car? RIGHT! BEHIND a steering wheel, not between your tires.....