Freitag, 13. April 2007

The later Easteregg

Hi buddies, I'm back from my easter holidays and already deep into LFS betatesting stuff. Finally I have to say, cause it was a bit quiet around my favourite Sim. But I guess today or tomorrow there'll be a new testpatch out for everyone of you with a lot of cool new little features, making the whole Sim better usable and even more real :) Keep an eye on for latest news about that.

SimBin  surprised yesterday with an announcement that they are developing their own gaming engine. Starting as a racing sim engine it will also be able to work as a FPS or other 3D engine. It's almost complete, from physics to rendering, network, menues etc.... I have to say: Finally we get something commercially new in the engine market, cause I am personally bored and annoyed of the all the time samefeeling of ISI based engines. Check out the details HERE.

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